Opening theme for In-SPECTRE Rabbit podcast

I recently worked with Jay who composed the introduction music for my podcast. Jay has a unique musical palette and a gift for composing and writing. He was easy to work with, listened to my needs and I am very happy with the results. Jay was able to interpret my ‘non-musical’ explanation of what I desired. I explained that I wanted some music that made the listener feel as though they were on a journey ‘down a rabbit hole.’ Jay created an absolute masterpiece! The piece of music is catchy, interesting and completely relevant to my podcast. I hope that this jingle becomes a trigger in peoples minds and that when they hear it, they think of my podcast.

Thanks Jay!


whisky tastings


A taster of pieces taken from the Whisky with Strings project - an evening of whisky tasting where each dram’s aroma, flavour profile and origin is enhanced by specially composed music!

Call of the Ocean (Talisker theme)

Glen of Tranquility (Glenmorangie theme)