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ZERO is a musical of unfortunate relevance to our times. Nuclear Weapons are once again on our headlines and loom as one of the greatest threats to our species. ZERO takes form through a dense web of non-linear songs and scenes inspired by the physics, politics and moral arguments related to nuclear weapons, intended to educate, inspire and motivate audiences to believe that a world free from nuclear weapons is not just possible but necessary. These scenes are woven together through the journey of a young girl who, within the noiseless flash of the bomb in Hiroshima, witnesses the entire story of what has taken her life. Above all, ZERO emits a strong sense of love, forgiveness and solidarity, and reveals the humanity hidden within the story of weapons of mass destruction.


(August - December 2017)

The 1901 Arts Club, London (December 2017)

The Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh (August 2017)

Following the success of these showcases in Edinburgh, Jay was funded by the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust to perform a similar showcase at the 1901 Arts Club in London.

In August 2017 Jay showcased his work with two intimate evenings of music at The Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh.  At these shows Jay performed a full concert version of his musical A Gentleman's Game (see below), other musical theatre songs he wrote in 2017 and a couple of tributes to his greatest influences. 

A Gentleman's Game

(August 2016)

...a musical like no other at the Fringe. Original, moving and dark, all carried out with grace
A soaring romance underscored by an equally soaring original score
— The Scotsman

At Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016, Jay debuted his first fully composed musical, A Gentleman's Game which he created in collaboration with book writer and very close friend Jimi Mitchell.

At the turn of the 19th century in London,  a young heir is struggling to live up to his father's fierce legacy. He has everything he could want: a woman he loves, a house to be proud of and the greatest city in the world at his fingertips. However,  as the threat of poverty creeps onto his doorstep and the ghosts from his past start to rear their ugly heads, The Gentleman is faced with an impossible choice. Should he face his demons and risk ruining the family name or hide and live with the cursed memory of his past which is rapidly destroying his mind.

Jimi and Jay interviewed by Melissa Hoban at Fringe 2016

The Unopened Letter live at Space Triplex during the Fringe 2016 run.

Jay Cameron and Esmee Cook perform Decaying Beauty from the musical A Gentleman's Game.