Whisky with Strings


Two generation of Camerons are teaming up to create a truly unique product... Whisky tasting with specially composed music.

With over 25 years working in the whisky industry, my father Vic Cameron of Discerning of Spirits is a remarkably knowledgable teacher of whisky production and appreciation.  His whisky nosing and tasting sessions are growing in popularity and he has plans to enhance their already high quality content with music.

Having been briefed on a number of whiskies I have set out to compose music to enhance their tastes and aromas.  Obviously this is drastically different from anything I have done before but I am so excited to be beginning this project!


Variations of Talisker


Here is my first attempt at writing for this project, starting with one of my favourite whiskies.  

Demo recording of Talisker 10 theme

Variation of theme for Talisker Storm