Ranging from heavy rock to moving musical theatre numbers, Jay has a consistent output of high quality songs for clients and for his own creative projects. Drawing on the sophisticated lyrical approach of Cole Porter and Stephen Sondheim, delivered to the listener with beautifully rich music, Jay’s songs always tell a story or deliver a strong message relating to the human condition.


Inevitable (live)

a song inspired by the relationship of Alex & Piper from the TV show Orange Is The New Black, this song uses a blend of original lyrics and dialogue taken from the show. Check out Jay’s blog post for a glimpse into the creative process behind this song.


a song about a guy who loses his girl

The Wheel is Turning Gain

a song inspired by Picasso’s The Old Guitarist

The Architect - Feelfree Conspiracy

a song written in collaboration with Liam Quinn inspired by the myth of blues legend Robert Johnson

Wherever We Had To For Love

a song about two young lovers who elope together to escape their disapproving families

300 Years

a song about the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II