Where I'm at Right Now

This past year has been insane, stressful, fulfilling, incensed with espresso and soaked in perspiration!  

I now rest in the calm after the storm of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where my first musical A Gentleman's Game was performed at SpaceTriplex.  The sense of relief and elation that my co-writer Jimi and I are feeling to have finally got this thing on a stage is palpable!

It was an incredible experience and now that it's done I am so excited to build upon the project further and move onto some new things as well.

While in this quiet spell I'm really chuffed to have finally found the time to build this wee website with a selection of what I think are some of the best things I've done with my music so far, and where I will try to keep up a blog with writings on my own work and influences (probably a lot about Sondheim and Dave Malloy!!)... Please explore and enjoy!

Jay xx