Unopened Letter Duet (Video and Lyrics)

Rose discovers an unopened letter in Robert's desk, it is from Elizabeth.  As Rose reads the letter many secrets are revealed about the man she loves.  Elizabeth's presence fills the room through the letter.


To my dearest love and pain // My life, my death // I write so helplessly bereft // To confess // What your love has left of me // For you see

A woman is a daughter or a wife // And life in between // Is naked and freezing in the ocean // A portless stretch of barrenness as far as you can see // Where every breath is cherished // And a struggle as you flounder in the sea // I thought that you loved me // You brought me // Beyond the walls of loneliness // The numbness that had filled my years // You let me taste of my dreams // And put a child inside of me

Oh my love // He was so beautiful // And in the briefest moments that I held him // I wanted so much for you to hold me // And sooth us both to sleep

My son // You are all I could have wished for

You'll grow to be strong // But now I know I was wrong

You'll grow to know how // But can't forget how

Love you are // Loved I was

That you stole my heart // When you stole my heart

And I miss  // Do you miss me too?